DSC_6872.jpgI'm running for re-election as your Northside Dane County Board Supervisor because, as a long-time resident of the North Side, I want to increase opportunities for our community to grow and prosper. I understand the importance of safe streets, clean neighborhoods, and securing and protecting our livelihoods together. As a teacher and parent, I understand the importance of guiding our children and young people to success. As someone with a deep commitment to family, I recognize the sacrifices of our senior residents and am dedicated to honoring their legacy by using our community's resources wisely.

I am a believer in the unique people I call neighbors, a believer in our shared values and ideas, and a believer in the passionate and impactful leadership we have had in District 18. I believe in the north side. I want to continue to advocate for our vision and to fight for what we need to maintain and strengthen our quality of life.

As your County Supervisor for District 18, I will continue to prioritize:

  • Commitment to Families by investing in safe, clean neighborhoods. The most important thing we can do as a community is support programs and initiatives that build collaboration with residents, promote community involvement in safety issues, and strengthen partnerships with the broader community in order to best serve our needs.
  • Maintaining Our Quality of Life by supporting local businesses and prioritizing job creation. Maintaining a bright and steady focus on the economic future of the North Side is a priority for me not only as a candidate, but also as an active member of the community. As your elected official, I will prioritize the use of county resources to expand opportunities for working people, back smart investments in our community, and collaborate with fellow local officials on projects that will stimulate our local economy.
  • Safeguarding our Environment and Natural Resources by defending our parks, lakes, and other waterways. Dane County is a world-renowned jewel because of it's pristine and awe-inspiring lakes, hills, valleys, trails, parks, and green spaces. On County Board, I will support policies that keep our air clean, prevent pollution of our waterways, and keep open spaces accessible to both urban and rural residents of Dane County alike.
  • Building a Better Community by dedicating our resources to those with the greatest need – our children and seniors are some of the most essential members of our community. I will work to strengthen programs that invest in our children's futures, maintain quality care and support for seniors, and help care for our families and keep them in their homes.
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